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For today's burn status, call the burn line at (530) 757-3660 or
at (800) 246-3660 within 530, 916 or 707 area codes.
Agricultural burn permits are available online or contact the District at
530-757-3650 or 800-287-3650. Application Instructions.

Agricultural Burning
The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is the local regulatory agency responsible for agricultural burning in Yolo County and in the northeast portion of Solano County.

Types of Burn Days

  • Permissive Burn Day: A day on which agricultural burning of all types may be conducted, you must have the prior authorization of the District.
  • Restricted Burn Day: A day on which agricultural burning may be conducted with specific restrictions. An example may be a day on which only burning of orchard prunings is allowed.
  • Minimum Burn Day: A burn day on which agricultural burning may be conducted with specific restrictions. NO rural yard burning is allowed.
  • No Burn Day: A day on which NO open burning of any type can be conducted.

Yolo-Solano AQMD Burn Program
The District's Agricultural Burn Program is based on state law found in the Health and Safety Code and the Sacramento Valley Air Basin Smoke Management Program.  At a basic level, the Air Resources Board (ARB) meteorological section designates burn and no-burn days in each air basin, using staff resources and data from a network of air and weather monitoring stations across the state. Districts then allow or restrict burning based on those designations. Some areas, such as the Sacramento Basin, have a more sophisticated program, which provides more control of each burn to protect the health of communities down wind of prospective burns. The Sacramento Basin Smoke Management Plan, along with district rules, outlines how each district regulates burning.

In the Yolo-Solano AQMD, growers with field crop residue who wish to burn must get a permit from the District. These growers then call the District when they are ready to burn and are put on a ready list. When conditions permit, they are called and given permission to burn.

Appropriate burn conditions are declared when the ARB calls a "burn day" designation and when wind conditions are such that the burn will have little impact on populated areas. Fees paid by the burners support the program.

Specifics for how burn programs operate, differ from district to district and from basin to basin. A 2001 revision to Title 17 has standardized many aspects of programs across the state.

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